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Please read the below instructions before submitting your infographic.

Free infographics will only get published if they are exceptionally good quality, creative and informative. Therefore, free submissions are not guaranteed go live.

If you are doing a paid submission please note that we will not accept any infographic that has content that is profane, pornographic, or promotes illegal pharmacy drugs.

Infographic must have a description of at least 100 words. If your description is too short then we have the right to write our own description of your infographic.

Paid infographics will be featured on the category page with a do-follow link on the main page as an infographic 'source' and one contextual link in the description (only if you include it while submitting the form).

For any further questions, you can Contact Us.

We have three payment options, pick the one most suitable for you.

  • Pack of one: $35 This is a single infographic, if you are a small business submitting just one time
  • Pack of four 25% OFF: $105 This is ideal for agencies if you have to promote multiple projects, you can submit 4 infographics at once or over a period of time.
  • Pack of four 25% OFF: $210 This is the same as a pack of four with an additional discount.
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