10 Rules About Infographics

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Information + Story + Design = Infographics. This is how the equation may be written to prove the success and legitimacy of this steeply upward sloping field. However, it is more difficult to answer what makes a good and popular infographics – a few succeeds to answer… If we do not know what our goal is or whom to address the message, then we will be only reaching in the dark and have a little chance that our work will be rewarded. It is important to present the relevant data in a structured format, for without rhythm and ergonomics we can expect nothing less then the rapid departure of visitors and ultimate failure. Furthermore, the way we find data and how we cite them can make a difference. We have collected the 10 basic rules that are essential for the successful (and viral) spread of infographics. - See more at: http://bit.ly/13WhaRJ

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