How Big Was The Biggest Wave Ever Surfed?

As of January 2013, Garrett McNamara, has surfed the biggest wave ever recorded surfed at 100 feet! Now that a 100-foot wave has been surfed, the bar has been raised yet again for somebody to step up and set a new record. Until then, we take a look at some other feats of record height to get a better perspective on just how big the biggest waves ever surfed really were. Garrett McNamara beat his record of the biggest wave surfed from 78 ft in November 2011. Shawn Dollar holds the record for current paddle-in at 61 ft from May 2013. The highest motorcycle jump is held by Robbie Maddison at 35 ft in January 2009. The highest snowboard air on superpipe is 23 ft by Shaun White in January 2010. And last, but definitely not least, the highest outdoor high jump at 8 ft by Javier Sotomayor on July 1993.

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