Mercury Rising: Enjoy Fish Without The Risk

The news is abuzz with reports of mercury-contaminated fish traversing our waters, and has created an infographic entitled “Mercury Rising: Enjoy Fish Without the Risk” explaining the dangers of mercury, who it affects, and how to avoid consuming this neurotoxin. Mercury is found naturally in our environment, however, in high concentrations, it can be dangerous. Unfortunately, due to contaminated emissions from businesses such as power plants, cement plants, and chemical manufacturers, over 18 million acres of lakes, wetlands, and estuaries are now contaminated by mercury. Additionally, over 1.2 million river miles have also been contaminated, and those numbers are rising every year. Unfortunately, this means that the fish are also carrying a dangerous level of mercury as well. While 70 percent of fish have relatively low levels of mercury, and are deemed safe to eat, there are a few types of fish that should be avoided. Most importantly, this infographic has a chart detailing which fish are safe to consume on a regular basis, and which are not. For example, fish such a swordfish, Mackerel, Marlin, Orange Roughy, Sharks, Tilefish, and Big eye or Ahi tuna are all fish that carry the highest levels of Mercury, while fish such as Sole, Shad, Tilapia, and Flounder are deemed among the safe fish to consume. Feel free to like, comment, and share this infographic from entitled “Mercury Rising: Enjoy Fish Without the Risk”.

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