34 Crucial Tips For Your Next Job Interview

Going on a job interview can be intimidating. Not only are you worried about impressing the company with your skills and experience, but you’re also worried about making rookie mistakes. CollegeAtlas.org’s latest infographic outlines the most common mistakes made during interviews while providing crucial tips for job applicants. Common mistakes include failing to make eye contact, not showing enough interest and fidgeting too much. It’s estimated that 55% of your first impression is determined by the way you dress; with 70% of employers saying they don’t want applicants to be overly fashionable or trendy. So, before you head out for your next interview, take a look at this infographic to brush up on the most common mistakes applicants make, and prepare yourself to answer the questions interviewers ask most. Who knows, it may just give you the edge you need to beat out the competition.

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